5 tips for Making your Nurture Emails SEXIER!

5 tips for Making your Nurture Emails SEXIER!

1stly, Write more humanly

Ditch the sales pitch and try to make a connection with your audience. Try to address their fears, anxieties or concerns in an empathetic way. Don’t try to sell them anything in at least your first three nurture emails. You need to offer something of value (more below) and build yourself as a credible resource first.

2ndly, Keep it short & offer value

Each nurture email shouldn’t be more than a hundred words. Keep them succinct and link to valuable content that is relevant to the audience needs. The content you share doesn’t have to be yours. You can link to an industry body, an influencer, a ‘must have’ resource like a checklist or publication or something that’s going to help them achieve their goal.

Keep the email focused on one topic, don’t link to 20 different resources, but DO link to the same resource twice.

Check out this nurture email example from the Grand Mufti of SEO and lead generation Neil Patel. Very plain and simple:

5 tips for Making your Nurture Emails SEXIER!

3rdly, Forget fancy-shmancy graphics and design

Why?  Because emails overloaded with graphics will have a higher chance of being marked as spam and never read by your subscribers. Again, link to the fancy content from within your email. See the Neil Patel example above.

4thly, What time interval should you use between sending emails?

There isn’t a golden rule for what time interval you should use between sending emails to achieve maximum sexiness (successny-ness) as it will depend on who your audience is and what you’re selling.

BUT, here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Many agree that you shouldn’t send more than one email per week, as you will become annoying if you do (or if you’re already annoying, more annoying than you currently are). Send them at least 6 days apart.
  2. The larger your core product or service is, the longer you should wait between sending emails.
    For example, if you’re a new home builder and you email them on Monday, chances are you’re not going to hurry your lead into making a purchase decision if you email them two days later. Big decisions take time; time to gather information, time to compare choices, time to get organised. Better to keep in their mind by touching base every few weeks.
  3. Don’t wait longer than 45 days between emails. They’ll have forgotten you if you do.
  4. But DO email them immediately after you acquire them as a lead. They’ll be expecting an email from you after they subscribe, so take advantage and send them something. This is also a good time to show them your tripwire product.

5thly, Remember to sell something

Remember you’re trying to ‘nurture’ your audience into becoming something more than just an audience. Define what it is you want from them (hint: money, you want their money).

After you’ve sent a bunch of value and established your expertise in the first 3-7 emails, don’t forget to push the button and try to get some value back from your audience.

A good way to start is by making a very minor sale by developing a tripwire product before trying to sell your core service. Link to your tripwire product from your nurture email, prove to them how they can achieve their goals by buying it and make it easy to access and purchase.